What to do in the event of a fire

Causes: Chip pan fires, electrical fires, chimney fires, arson attacks, BBQ fires, fire places, Accidental fires, Cigarette fires, House fire, Flat fires, Commercial property fires

Upon discovering a Fire.

1./ Call the fire emergency services immediately

2./ Immediately call your insurance company

3./ Contact us and we will arrange for our Regional Manager to visit the property as soon as possible

  • We will also appoint our odour and drying  specialist to visit the property as soon as possible to establish the extent of the water damage (emergency services) and what dryers and odour removers need to be put in place

4./ Take as many photographs of the damage as you feel is necessary

  • Tangible Building Solutions will submit a Preliminary Report to your insurance company straight away along with an odour and drying report
  • Our Regional Manager will meet with the insurance companies appointed representative (normally a loss adjuster who is appointed to look after the insurance companies interests)
  • We will arrange for the property to be stripped and dried as soon as possible 
  • Once the property reinstatement has been agreed with your insurance company Tangible Building Solutions will arrange for the reinstatement work to be carried out in a swift manner

5./ Customer sign off once satisfied with the work

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