Typical damage we see in rented property – Leak Detection – Property Drying

Leaks in Bathroom

The most common leaks we see in bathrooms are from the feed pipes to the toilet, basin, bath taps or indeed shower units. Normally, these pipes have been leaking for some time as they are out of sight and in the wall or duct work or indeed behind the bath panel. The water damage we experience in bathrooms can be extensive. The water will wick up walls and damage the plaster work behind wall tiles and indeed the flooring under the floor tiles. If the bathroom is on the first floor then the chipboard or ply wood sub floor will need replacing, again, meaning the tiles need to be removed as well as the bath, WC, Basin and shower tray and screen etc.

The other leaks we see in bathrooms come from the waste pipes. Again, we see a lot of claims where the waste pipe was not fitted correctly and has been leaking for some time before the leak has been discovered.

The water may have travelled through the ceiling in the room below and again this needs dealing with as water damaged plasterboard has to be replaced, despite what insurance companies have to say.

Once stripped out, drying programmes need to be put in place and agreed with the insurance company, TBS are able to help with the property drying.

Leaks in the Kitchen

A lot of the leaks we witness in kitchens are in respect of pipes coming off the mains feed or indeed the mains feed pipe itself. A lot of these pipes are behind kitchen units and can be leaking a long time before a leak is discovered. We also see a large amount of cases where the leaking pipe is in the concrete floor in the kitchen underneath the floor tiles of other forms of tiling. Tenants typically do not know there is a leak in such circumstances until water start to show in the walls where it has wicked up them, this is normally when the tenant calls the letting agent or the Landlord. This is when we receive a call as the landlord has called the insurance company and they have advised the landlord to find a builder that specialises in insurance claims or water damage or indeed leak detection, which is a service we provide.

Leak Detection:

Have you had a call from the tenant to advise there may be a leak in the property? Is the boiler loosing pressure? Is there salts appearing on the walls? Is the laminate floor starting to warp? All these are signs there may be a leak in a pipe within the property. The pipe may be the mains pipe or indeed a feed pipe for the internal water supply or the heating pipes. TBS are able to help and arrange for the Trace & Access at the property. Trace & Access, is a section within a household policy that covers finding a leak in the property. Trace & Access is far more common now in policies than it was ten years ago. We would recommend you check that Trace & Access cover is operative in your policy, if so call us straight away and we will arrange a visit ASAP to the property.

Property Drying:

Clearly when a property has suffered water damage then it will require drying. Our team of drying experts are able to help in this respect using the most up to date drying methods and equipment. Call us now.

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