The true story about Insurance Approved Repairers

When we put in reinstatement quotes to insurers, we regularly get the response “but we can do it for half that amount”. Whenever we hear this, we challenge them and ask them to provide documentary evidence to support this, which they are almost always unable to do.  What they will then do however, is to pass your job onto one of their “approved” builders, and ask you (the policyholder) to appoint them.  DO NOT sign any documentation to this effect, as by doing so you are accepting the standard and quality of work that will be provided at extremely low rates, and the likelihood of corners being cut is extremely high, as these builders are working to very tight budgets.

Against what many insurers will tell you, it is YOUR CHOICE to appoint whichever builder you choose, and you are NOT obliged to use their recommended or “approved builders”.  If your insurer is telling you that you must use one of their approved suppliers and you feel uncomfortable about this, please give our helpline a call, and will will be happy to advise you on your rights.

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Suite 220, SK House, Vansittart Estate, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1SE.


Suite 220, SK House, Vansittart Estate, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1SE.

Jane Smith

Regional Director at Thames Valley Office

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