One of the best kept secrets of the insurance industry

“I didn’t know companies like Tangible existed”

We recently had a claim referred to us from a former business colleague. A friend of his had suffered water damage to their property due to a leak from their mains water feed.

It was only when the water had wicked up the walls they realised there was a major problem and all the rooms were affected. They reported the claim to their insurers immediately and a loss adjuster was appointed by the insurance company. A visit was made by the loss adjuster and four weeks later nothing has happened at the property.

During our visit an immediate action plan was agreed with the customer and implemented the following morning. It was at this meeting, the customer stated “I didn’t know companies like yours existed and that you are able to help people making an insurance claim”. Something we hear quite often.

Here at Tangible Building we work on your behalf when going through the process of making a claim on your buildings insurance.

We understand both the building and insurance sectors and deal with the insurance company and appointed loss adjusters for you.

We make sure you get the financial recompense you are entitled to and that you receive high quality remedial building works with contractors of your choice.

What’s more our services are free to policyholders.

If you or anyone you know needs assistance in dealing with a loss adjuster or an insurance company please pass them our contact details. We are particularly interested in helping OAP’s in such circumstances as we have experienced some shocking cases over the years.

Or if you think you may have a leak at your property, please pick up the phone and call the office for a chat and we will try and establish if we can help.

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Thames Valley

Suite 220, SK House, Vansittart Estate, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1SE.


Suite 220, SK House, Vansittart Estate, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1SE.

Jane Smith

Regional Director at Thames Valley Office

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