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We received a call in the office recently from a director of a Letting Agent; she was pulling her hair out. Her office had become involved in an insurance claim on behalf of their landlord, for whom they were managing his property.

The property was a five bedroom house in a High Net Worth area. The property had flooded from the mains pipe that had burst whilst the family renting the property were out. The family returned to an inch of water throughout the ground floor of the property.

The letting agent was under contract to deal with this on behalf of the landlord and besides did not want to wash their hands of the problem and potentially loose the business, they wanted to look after their client, but it was proving a huge drain on their resources.

 The Property Manager allocated to deal with the claim was fraught, she was having to deal with the plumber, the insurance company, the loss adjuster, the drying company, the building companies, the tenant and the family and more importantly she had to keep the landlord updated on everything, she could not keep up with her day to day job and was feeling the pressure.

The director, asked, can we help please? Sure we can, one conversation with the Landlord and we were appointed to act on his behalf, the property manager was immediately relieved of everything and could go back to her normal job and start making money for the company.

TBS dealt with all the parties involved, met the relevant loss adjuster on site and organised alternative accommodation for the family, which was covered under the policy. When the works were agreed with the insurers we ensured the property was dry and carried out all the works agreed, we challenged the loss adjuster on certain corners he was trying to cut, and he agreed we were correct.

 We carried out the reinstatement works as quickly as we could, the landlord was delighted with the work, and he was impressed we had looked after the tenants and they moved back in.

 We invoiced the insurers direct so the landlord did not have the inconvenience of paying us then waiting for the money from the insurance company.

The best thing? The landlord was delighted with the letting agent for introducing us and renewed the contracts in place. The director at the agency was delighted as she has her member of staff back working on the good things. We are now the appointed insurance claims supplier for the agency.

TBS are not only builders specialising in fire damage, flood damage, leaking pipes etc, we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to deal with such claims. We know policy wordings as well as we know building sites. CALL US NOW TO REPORT ANY CLAIM FOR FIRE DAMAGE, FLOOD DAMAGE, LEAKING PIPES OR ANY OTHER QUERY YOU HAVE

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Suite 220, SK House, Vansittart Estate, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1SE.

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