Landlord – Insurance Claims

Are you a Landlord with a property that has suffered water damage? Have you had a leak at your property? Is there evidence that there may be a leak at the property? If this is the case, Tangible Building Solutions can help.

At TBS, we receive many calls from Landlords that have suffered water damage to their rental properties and need help sorting the damage and the insurance claim out, the Landlords are generally too busy to sort the claim out and to deal with the insurance company. Typically, the leaks we are asked to deal with are leaks from feed pipes in the Bathroom, leaks from the feed pipes and mains pipe in the kitchen and we see a lot of leaks in concrete floors that have been leaking for a long time before being discovered. TBS are able to assist with Leak Detection, which is generally covered under the Trace & Access section of the policy, most Landlord policies have this included in the policy wording.

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