Is Your Home Holiday Ready?

We are fast approaching the holiday season and many of us are spending lots of time planning our holiday, researching local sites to visit, best places to have dinner and the must-see tourist attractions. Planning for a holiday is fun and so it should be! However, part of your holiday planning should also include how to keep your home safe and secure while you are away. We wanted to share with you few useful tips for you to follow to make sure you find your home as you left it.

1. Avoid damage from water leaks

Did you know that research from the AA showed that 25% of holiday makers have returned to home to be faced with a home emergency, water leaks being the most common issue. To avoid the damage water leaks can create, make sure your turn off your main water supply before going away. All you need to do is to locate the stopcock valve and turn it off.

2. Make sure your home is secure from would be intruders!

To avoid any un-wanted visitors to your property while you are away, make sure your house looks occupied. Cut the grass before you leave and if you are away for a long period of time, ask a neighbour to keep your grass cut while you are away. Cancel milk and newspapers and make sure all your deliveries will be delivered elsewhere and not left outside your front door. You may also want to ask someone to visit your property time to time to remove post from your doormat. Install a light timer switch so the house looks lived in and lights come on in the evening.

Share your holiday photos on social media once you have returned home. Don’t shout about your holiday plans and when your property will be empty. You never know who will be reading your updates.

Check all your windows and doors are locked and that keys are removed away from reach.

3. Save energy, turn down your boiler

Chances are, if you are going away during the summer, even in the UK, you don’t need to have the heating on while you are away. The boiler will still be used for heating the water and if you are not home to use the hot water, there is no point your boiler working hard to keep the water hot.

4. Unplug your electrics

Did you know that electrical appliances continue to use an electric charge even when they are on standby? This will add to your energy bill unnecessarily. By turning your electronic appliances off while away will also help to prevent electric fires.

5. Check your home insurance

As you check your passport is still valid before your holiday, you should also check your home insurance is up to date and it covers your home while you are away.

By taking these few steps to make sure your home will stay safe and secure while you are away you can truly enjoy your holiday and look forward to returning to your home as you left it.

In the unfortunate event of damage occurring whilst you’re away, Tangible Building Solutions can help. We are builders specialising in insurance repair work. We’re on your side throughout the insurance claims process and help bring about a swift and stress free restoration to your home. For more information please feel free to contact us on 0800 328 4188.

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