How To Claim On Your Home Insurance

Home insurance claims are always a pain in the neck. Not only does the claim mean your home has been damaged or burgled, but your no claims bonus that you have been building will be gone in the blink of an eye. It can happen to any of us, so it is always good to be clued up on the ins and outs of a home insurance claim. Here are some questions you will ask yourself when you are making a claim.

Where Do I Start?

The first thing to do when your need to make a claim is to check your insurance policy documents, and what you are covered for. By checking your documents, you will be able to find your personal policy number and a company helpline to call regarding your claim. Some insurance companies have expensive 0870 or 0845 which will be costly as insurance calls usually take a long time. If this is the case, then do not be afraid to ask them to phone you back.

If your home has been burgled, then the first thing to do is to phone the police. When the police come to take a statement or perform some forensics, they will issue you with a crime reference number which is fundamental in your home insurance claim

What Evidence Will I Need For My Claim?

For small or standard claims, you will be sent or will need to download a claims form to fill in. The form must be completed fully and sent back to your insurance provider within a certain number of days or the claim will be invalid. With the form, you will need to include receipts of the damaged or stolen items that you are claiming on

If you do not have receipts, then you can use any credit/debit card statements that prove your purchases. If you do not have any credit/debit card statements that can prove the purchase, then you can ask your card provider to send the relevant statements to you

Photographs are also considered evidence in a home insurance claim. The general rule is, the more evidence you provide, the smoother your claim will be

How Will Insurance Excess Factor into My Claim?

All insurance policies come with mandatory excess. This is the amount that will have to pay when your claim is finalised. When you first set up the insurance, you would have agreed on a voluntary excess that you will pay. The more your voluntary excess, the cheaper the insurance

If you have agreed a high excess payment, then you may have a large bill coming to you in the event of a home insurance claim

What Happens During My Home Insurance Claim?

With small claims, your insurer is likely to get the claim finalised pretty quickly. If it is a large claim, for example a burst pipe flooding your home, then your insurance company is likely to send over a loss adjuster to price up the damage to your home

The loss adjuster will also check to make sure that you were 100% truthful when you filled out your insurance form. This includes whether you have made a false statement, knowingly or not. If they find a problem with your insurance form, then your insurance company may well reject your claimHaving to claim on your home insurance is never a walk in the park. The steps themselves are easy but there are so many ways that insurance companies try to slip you up. Loss adjusters are a big part of this, as well as cash settlements.

If you have had your home damaged, then Tangible Building is here to help. We are experts at ensuring you receive what you are entitled to under the terms of your policy, in order to reinstate your home with high quality building repair works. Feel free to contact us on 0800 328 4188 for help and advice.

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