Home Insurance: Will you really get all your money back?

When it comes to home insurance, there are no guarantees that you insurance company will settle your claim in full if you ever do need to make a claim.

Overly complicated documentation, loop-holes and an industry cracking down on fraud means getting your money back could be harder than you think.

There are things you can do, however, to increase your chances of a successful claim. Here are some ideas:

1. Know your policy.

Not all home insurance policies are equal, so reviewing your cover and taking note of the small print is a must if you want to know what you can claim for and when. This will help you identify if you are underinsured – one of the main reasons why insurance companies refuse to pay out in full.

For instance, have you thought of debris removal, architects’ and surveyors’ fees when calculating the cost of rebuilding your home? Taking into account such hidden costs will mean you’ll get your level of cover right – and more of your money back as a result.

2. Learn the ’lingo’.

Understanding terms like ‘wear and tear’ and ‘depreciation’ is essential if you ever find yourself needing to make a buildings insurance claim.

Take depreciation as an example: Let’s say your roof sustains storm damage and needs to be replaced at a cost of £10,000, which is what you originally paid for the roof. Now let’s say your roof was 10 years old when the damage occurred.

An insurance company may decide that your roof has depreciated in value by 5% per year starting on the date of purchase, meaning you can only expect to get around £6000 pay-out. Knowing this will help you prepare for that £4000 shortfall and will mean you can start saving for those rainy days well in advance.

3. Gather evidence

Photographing the structural condition of your property when it is at its best will mean you can provide visual evidence that your property was well maintained, which will help maximise your pay-out and avoid deductions from ’wear and tear’.

Furthermore, it’s often necessary to get professional assistance urgently – to fix a leak for example. In this case, always keep copies of receipts as proof to remove any doubt over what you have paid to put right any damage. It’ll help back up your case.

4. Be nice to the loss adjuster.

Depending on the extremity and complexity of your claim, the insurance company may send out a loss adjuster to your home look at your case in more detail. Loss adjusters represent the home insurance company and report back on a range of factors that may well end up in your insurance claim getting rejected or reduced.

When dealing with a loss adjuster, it’s important to answer any questions they ask you and provide them with any the evidence you have to hand. Remember, anything you say to them can be recorded and used in evidence to support or undermine your case, so stay polite but vigilant to prevent any misunderstandings.

5. Get the support you need.

Dealing with loss assessors and home insurance companies is a negotiation process. Sometimes it can be daunting and complex.

Tangible Building Solutions is equipped and experienced at dealing with loss adjusters and insurers and can liaise with them on your behalf. We can also carry out buildings insurance claims repair and reinstatement work without any cost to you.

It’s impossible to know for sure if you’ll get all of the money back from making a buildings’ insurance claim, but partnering with us will greatly enhance your chances of success and reduce a whole load of stress at the same time.

Keep our details handy in case you find yourself needing to make a building insurance claim. Our reinstatement services are free!

Contact us on 0800 328 4188.

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