Flash Flooding across London and the South East

Homes flooded as record rainfall hits the South East of England

Yesterday (28th July 2014), intense downpours across London, Sussex, Surrey and Kent resulted in flash floods causing people to be evacuated from their homes as heavy rain, thunder and lightning, and even hail, caused havoc.

The London Fire Brigade were called out to rescue two women who were stuck in their cars in flood water near South Ruislip Station. Fifty other houses in Ruislip were flooded. Other areas, near Ruislip, affected by flash flooding were Northolt, Greenford, Denham, Eastcote, Hayes and Southall.

Some residents across the south east and especially across the Thames Valley are just starting to return to their homes following the dramatic flooding during the beginning of the year, and the flash flooding yesterday simply served to demonstrate how volatile certain areas of the country still are to flooding due to the water table still being extremely high.

If you know anyone who has been affected by this latest bout of flooding, forward this to them or get them to call Tangible Building Solutions now to organise a visit to discuss how we can help with their insurance claim and reinstatement work.

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Suite 220, SK House, Vansittart Estate, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1SE.

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