Clearing up after the storms

Homes in Sussex hit by surface flooding and storms

Today many homes and businesses are left clearing up after flood and storm damage caused by the torrential rain and thunderstorms, that caused wide spread disruption across Sussex yesterday.

In only a short time, homes across Brighton and Sussex were victims of surface flooding with water seeping in through doorways. Fire crews were called to others that had been struck by lightening causing further fire damage.

Homes weren’t only the victim of receiving more rainfall in nine hours than for the entire month of August. The Arndale shopping centre in Eastbourne, was evacuated because of overflowing drains. Whilst train travel was temporarily disrupted between Eastbourne and London, Lewes and Wivelsfield.

Clearing up after floods can be stressful, with many personal items becoming damaged.  As well as homes being left with problems with damp, mould and in need of structural repair.

Having to deal with insurers to make a claim on buildings insurance can add further stress and strain to the process of clearing up and restoring your home.

Tangible Building are a team of builders and insurance claims experts specialising in carrying out repairs and restoration following floods and storms. We remove the stress from making a claim, dealing with your insurers and their representatives on your behalf. Before carrying out repairs using our network of building professionals.

If your home or property has suffered damage in the recent storms and you need to make a claim, call Tangible Building today. We’ll visit your property to carry out a professional assessment of damage and ensure a speedy claims and repairs process to reinstate your home.

Call our Brighton Office on 01273 789470

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Suite 220, SK House, Vansittart Estate, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1SE.

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