Are you entitled to an Accidental Damage claim?

Has your property suffered unexpected accidental damage?  Don’t get fobbed off by your insurance company.

Recently, we have been asked to review more and more claims that have been turned down, primarily by insurers representatives, normally validation companies.

The frustrating thing here is that these claims should have been paid under the Accidental Damage section of your policy.

The definition of accidental damage is pretty uniform across home insurance policies:

“Damage that occurs suddenly as a result of an unexpected and non-deliberate external action.”

In layman’s terms, that usually means an unintentional one-off incident that harms your property.

If you have made a claim under your buildings insurance policy and it has been turned down, always check you have Accidental Damage as insurers are obliged to look at the wider cover of your policy.

On a large number of cases they are simply not doing this.  This leaves the policyholder responsible for the building works.

If you have made a claim and you feel it has been turned down unfairly, or for any spurious reason, then check you have Accidental Damage.  Then call us on 0800 328 4188 for an informal chat.

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Suite 220, SK House, Vansittart Estate, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1SE.

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