Practical Steps to Take Following a House Flood

Five practical steps to take following a house flood

Suffering a house flood following a storm, burst pipe or leaking appliance can be very distressing.  However, it’s important to follow a few basic steps to ensure your insurance claim and subsequent remedial work is carried out fast and without any hitches.

1. Try to get as much as possible out of the water.

Items that will go upstairs should be taken upstairs. Items that can’t should be stacked onto kitchen worktops, shelves or any furniture that’s already damaged and is clearly not recoverable.

2. Take photos - OF EVERYTHING!

Take photos showing the height of the water. Take photos of all damaged furniture to support your insurance claim. Take photos of the grounds and surrounding area.

3. Draw lines on the walls at maximum water level.

Get a magic marker or some paint, and draw/paint lines on the wall at the highest point of the water. This is important both to show the Loss Adjuster how high the water got, and us (or your chosen builder) so we can identify how far the dampness will have traveled to know how much plaster needs to come off.

4. Assuming that you have already called your insurer and discussed it with them, CALL US on 0800 328 4188 or 01753 840436.

We can then get the process started for you. The first thing we do is contact your insurer and get their approval to carry-out this work (which they usually give us over the phone). We can bring pumps in to remove the water, remove the damaged contents and wall coverings and begin the drying process.

We will make a list of, and photograph every damaged item that we remove from the property, and will photograph each step we take in the renovation, so that we can provide your insurer with a fully documented claim history.

5. Try to get back to normality

While we get your property dried-out and repaired as quickly as possible you won’t have to worry about negotiating with the insurance company - we’ll do that for you.

Once all the repair work is completed, we invoice your insurer directly, so you don’t even have to worry about the money.

Tangible Building are insurance claims builders with a wealth of experience in dealing with claims and carrying out high quality flood repairs and restoration work.

If you have suffered flood damage and require assistance with your insurance claim and remedial building works call us for advice on 0800 328 4188.

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