Flood Damage Repair and Restoration

Tangible Building Solutions are your local insurance claims builder specialising in flood damage repair and restoration for homes, basements and businesses.

If your home has suffered flood damage caused through storms, leaking water pipes or appliances and you are in the process of making a buildings insurance claim we can help.

Simply call 0800 328 4188 for FREE help and advice.

Flood damage can be devastating and deep-rooted. It can cause structural damage, and has been known to undermine the foundations and the structural integrity of a property.

As such, is it vitally important that any flood damage is investigated and repaired in full as the damage you can’t see is usually far greater than that you can.

One common mistake we see with flood damaged properties, is that insurers try to begin repairs before ALL the damp has been eradicated. This cosmetic fix can look ok for a while, but after a few months damp trapped by the new plaster and finishing materials will start to re-appear.

This poses health risks as damp can cause colds and even pneumonia. It is important that you DO NOT attempt to, or be persuaded to, live in a house with inadequate repairs with high moisture readings.

We take away the stress of making your claim

We understand how stressful the process of making a claim for flood damage on your building insurance can be.

Our aim is to make the whole claim and repair process as fast and pain free as possible for you.

We are here to help.

  • We have vast experience in the insurance and building sectors
  • We are on your side when dealing with insurers and loss adjusters
  • We ensure the claims process is dealt with swiftly and professionally
  • We produce outcomes that do not leave you financially out of pocket
  • We ensure our builders carry out remedial work to the highest standards
  • Our service costs you nothing


We ensure flood restoration and repair work is carried out to your satisfaction

Before carrying out remedial works our team of BDMA qualified technicians make sure your property is dry and ready for repair.

  • We conduct a damp survey and ask your authority to deal directly with your insurer
  • We prepare a comprehensive report outlining remedial works and costs
  • We meet with the insurance Loss Adjuster to go through our report and get the work agreed
  • We pump standing flood water out of the property using impeller and vacuum pumps
  • We clear the affected rooms of your contents and water damaged flooring and plaster
  • We install drying equipment and regularly monitor progress
  • Once dry we provide you with a certificate of dryness, hygiene and air quality 


We then carry out high quality flood damage restoration and repairs using our network of approved builders.

Throughout the whole process we are on hand to make sure you are happy with progress and to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

From our head office in Windsor and local branches across the Thames Valley, London and the South East, our team of reliable builders provide professional flood damage repair services to restore you home after suffering water damage. 

If you would like us to visit your property to assess flood damage and quote for repairs.  Or if your would like some help dealing with insurers or Loss Adjusters, please contact us on 01753 840436.

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